Boxing Day Social Event! and Free Raffle

•  Wed. Dec. 26th, 10am-2pm

Wednesday’s are normally sail days, and December 26th this year is on Wednesday. Boxing Day!

I think it would be a good opportunity to have a social gathering if you happen to be free. Come down to the pond and share some left over goodies and bring a boat. It might be nice for everyone to get a feel of the different sailboats and perhaps a scale boat or perhaps even a power demonstration.  

Let’s come together as ONE and just enjoy our company and the pond. Perhaps we could meet say from 10am to 2pm, no special agenda, no stress, and let’s just have fun. Perhaps just a great way to get to know everyone.

I hope you agree this may be a nice worthwhile event to attend. I know there will be some sail guys there – I hope others can come too.

Happy Boxing Day to you All,

Ben Reeve 
Commodore / San Diego Argonauts